my story


David is an author, theatre maker, musician and installation artist. His work is fiercely biographical, weird and wonderful, sublime and speculative, from his (award nominated) children’s book and musical ‘The Nose That Nobody Picked’ to ‘David Parkin’s Delusions of Grandeur’, an installation looking at the four months he spent under section, suffering from a bipolar manic episode.

He was core director of arts organisation metro-boulot-dodo for fifteen years. The company spanned multidisciplinary art forms and toured and won awards internationally.

David is moved to create by an idea or feeling which often dictates the medium. So, he’s a substance over style kind of chap who’s never quite sure what’s coming next. Whatever it is, his work is always thoughtful, moving and funny.





David has dipped his toes in pretty much every art form. A child actor who had a speaking part in 'Hope And Glory' and a munching part in cake adverts, he showed off in everything from school plays to National Youth Theatre shows, to skits he wrote. 

David studied English Lit and Theatre Studies at Lancaster University where he met the other members of Metro-Boulot-Dodo, an arts organisation that he was a Core Director of for 15 years. Originally as an experimental theatre company MBD soon received international festival awards, including Total Theatre Best Newcomer award in Edinburgh and had done pretty much everything from theatre shows, educational shows, installations, historical events, festival treasure hunts, short films and longer films and headphone tours.

In 2012 David left MBD to concentrate on his music and writing. 

“Good Friday” – a ‘clinical depression concept album show ™’ that toured England and Canada, finishing with a sell out show at Battersea Arts Centre. 

“Tea Bags, Soap, Be Normal” – An Arts Council funded personal account of recovering from a brain injury. “Tea bags…” is a memoir about brain injury, depression and the joy of discovering music.

“The Nose That Nobody Picked” – The Arts Council funded children’s book and musical that David wrote as a young man. Self published to coincide with the successful 2016 autumn tour of the piece, it went on to be nominated for the ‘James Reckitt Hull Children’s Book Award’.

“David Parkin’s Delusions of Grandeur” - Currently showing at Bethlem Museum of the Mind. A fully immersive installation as part of DeStress Fest 2018 at Attenborough Arts Centre in Leicester, based upon his time under section in 2015, suffering from a bi-polar manic episode, he tells you everything you didn't want to know about being sectioned. Using drawings, notes, plans and song recordings made at the time, David created alternative visions of a typical mental unit NHS bedroom and solitary confinement. Funny, irreverent, heartbreaking, honest and fearless the exhibition was a huge success!